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  • Jo Evans

Useful Google Webmaster Resources

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Here’s a quick overview of some useful (and free) Google resources:

Google Webmaster Tools

Verify yourself as the owner of a website with Google and see useful statistics about how your site is performing in Google’s index. Webmaster Tools will help you diagnose crawl errors, highlight potential issues and show you statistics about your website as seen from Google’s point of view. You can also tell Google which country your site is targeting, set your preference on how frequently Google crawls your site and block certain URL’s from being crawled entirely.

Webmaster Tools is a must for every serious webmaster.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Full of tips and Google related webmaster news, the Webmaster Central blog covers a variety of topics suitable for beginners to advanced webmaster skill levels. If you’d like to get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools (see above), this blog is a must read.

Google Webmaster Videos

Google’s Webmaster Help channel on YouTube answers more specific questions submitted by webmasters about SEO and related issues. Some videos are more technical than others, but there’s typically a mine of information available to get you started.

Let us know if you have any other good webmaster resources in the comments.

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