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  • Jo Evans

Why should you use YouTube for your business?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

No matter what the size of your company, social networking is key to getting the word out and expanding your client and/or customer base. YouTube offers a visual aspect which can add a personal touch. Giving the customer a face to put to the brand name and allowing them to view sincere, quality content about your product or service is a great way to increase sales.

Plus of course, well crafted video content has the potential to ‘go viral’, wherein people find it entertaining or informative enough to share it amongst their own network, thereby boosting your following organically, while spreading the word about your brand and featured product to a much wider audience.

Video content, and especially widely shared video content, is also highly favoured by search engines.  In other words, a well thought out video could soon help you leap up through the search rankings and see you outshine your competition!  Brand and image are everything though, so be sure to plan your content carefully.  While there’s no need for Hollywood style production, you don’t want your customers seeing a stack of unfiled receipts or your half eaten lunch in the background either!  Do put some effort into setting up a ‘scene’ that is neat, tidy and professional, and if you are referencing a product that you can somehow have ‘in shot’, even better.  Take care in your own appearance too – dress as you would if you were meeting a client face to face and be as natural as possible. Prepare your speech, practise it in front of a mirror or a colleague and watch it through for errors afterwards.  Remember, you can re-shoot as many times as you like!

Negative news isn’t the attention your company needs or wants, so make sure your content is 100% perfect before you publish – as much as no publicity is bad publicity, you don’t want to risk going viral for the wrong reasons!

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