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  • Jo Evans

LinkedIn: Discussion Groups

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

There is more to LinkedIn than just posting your CV and making a few connections. There are numerous discussion groups and forums (we run “Cambridge Marketing Forum”, for example!), groups that advertise jobs and events, and special interest groups. By using these effectively you can bolster your profile.

To get the most of out LinkedIn, spend a little time researching the groups that appeal to your industry or job sector. There are groups that cover everything; from HR to law to mechanical engineering. There are also geographically based networking groups – these are a good source of finding local customers.

Once you find a group you like (use the drop down by the search box to select “Groups” then type in the kind of group you are looking for), then click the “join” button.

You will notice there is a “discussion” tab within the group that you have joined and it is here that you can ask, and answer, questions to the group. By answering questions others ask you will establish yourself as an “expert” and attract new contacts. This will enhance your status as LinkedIn reward active “experts” by awarding “expertise credentials” that display on your profile.

What better form of free PR? By asking questions as well you will keep up to date with current market developments, create an active discussion group, grab advice on key issues or problems or find supplier recommendations.

We’ve also used discussion forums in the past to gauge people’s opinion on topics for blog posts. This ensures that we keep on top of what people are saying and can get a balanced view of the latest marketing techniques.

So, get posting!

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