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  • Jo Evans

When a trickle becomes a flood. Are you ready for a sudden surge in interest?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The concept is a winner. The copy is razor sharp. The campaign has gone live. So, what now? Are you ready if a trickle of customers suddenly becomes a flood?

Marketing activity usually takes two forms. It could be months of careful planning and preparation leading up to an event, a targeted advertising campaign, a product launch or a website overhaul. It could be a last minute special offer to offset a sales slump or to maximise on a sudden up-turn.

This work will be painstakingly proofed, considered and refined before being launched on an unsuspecting public. So, why are businesses so surprised when it works? Or to put it more gently, we are businesses surprised when it works so well?

Think about a marketing plan and the subsequent report  – it lays out in black and white how and where the customers will be found and the report assesses how well it went . Not many strategies or plans deal, in any depth, with what will happen to the customer when they carry out our ‘Call To Action’ and fewer still consider how the customer will feel. Can your business then cope with the sudden flood of leads?

This is critical when your activity is successful. Customers are increasingly discerning these days  – they have the world at their fingers tips, through the web and social media. Your customers can be your loudest brand ambassadors or your greatest detractors. It is amazing how putting that extra effort into how and when you communicate with your customers impact on their perceptions of your company.

Ensuring that your customers have a positive experience when interacting with your company is what will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Every customer needs to feel like they are the first customer of the day, whether you are rushed off your feet or having a slow spell.

Speak to your customers on their terms. It’s no longer enough to do something that people want to use or buy, you have to make them feel good about during every step of their customer journey.

  1. Never let the phone go unanswered.

  2. Reply to emails promptly and accurately

  3. Make sure your website is up to date and running

  4. Help your front-of-house to welcoming and informative

Easy on a normal day, but make sure you have all fronts covered before your campaign kicks off.

It’s not just about the on-the-day planning though. Creating a two-way relationship, where customers are communicated with on a year-round basis ensures your customer feels valued and cared for.

Planning your marketing across the year is the key to this relationship being successful. Creating a targeted plan will give shape to activity and allow you to control your marketing spend more effectively. A good plan will include opportunity to flex and react. A great plan will allow you to get your team behind you and concentrate on the customers.

Top tips:

  1. Plan for a successful campaign

  2. Keep your customer at the heart of all your activities

  3. Spread your activity across the year to avoid huge spikes and deep troughs of activity.

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