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  • Jo Evans

The pros and cons of using magazine inserts

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


Ever thought about using inserts as part of your marketing and advertising? Inserts are the leaflets that drop out of a newspaper or magazine. They can take the form of a flyer or even a booklet and can be of any size or shape that you like. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?

Advantages of using inserts:

  1. Ease of response for recipient. The recipient can simply fill  in a coupon on the reverse, or have all the details they need to contact you further

  2. Creative flexibility – there is no limit on space – you could do an 20 page A5 booklet if you wanted to.

  3. Use up spare leaflets – if you have some leaflets you want to use up then inserts are a good way of spreading your message.

  4. Test opportunities – you can often specify which region it goes out to in a publication, or you can test different messages and see which gets the better response

  5. Measurable with a response code – good marketing is all about measuring and evaluating the results. With inserts you can add on a response code that will enable you to track how successful it has been.

Disadvantages of using inserts:

  1. Cost – it may cost 4 or 5 times more than an advert, but you will often get a better response.

  2. Timing – you will have to plan ahead to get leaflet produced, inserted and distributed.

  3. Targeting – You should check out how targeted your publication will be. Not everyone will be the perfect demographic for your product/service, unless you choose a very specialist publication.

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