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  • Jo Evans

The brand name that strikes a bum note with us

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We are great fans of JML.  Whether it’s gadgets to grate the hard skin of your feet, magnifying glasses that are also a torch or bags that you can put a sandwich in and pop in the toaster – they always produce products that make you wonder how you’ve lived without them all these years.  In fact, working in the JML warehouse sounds like a dream. An Aladdin’s cave of gadgets and innovative ideas. Hours of fun!

But the other day, whilst shopping in Boots’, we came across this…

Bumpits. Bum pits. BUM PITS. Who came up with that brand name at JML HQ?? How did THAT one get signed off? BUM PITS?

So, what is a bum pit? Well, turns out it’s not the crease between the top of the thigh and the buttock, but in fact false hair pieces to “bump up” one’s own head of hair to create volume and bounce.

We’d have loved to have been flies on the wall at that brain-storming session!

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