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  • Jo Evans

Ten Social Media Top Tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Social Media. It’s all the rage round our way. But are you using it in the correct way for your business? It can get very addictive (and time consuming) if you manage your own social media, so make sure you are using it to achieve the right goals!

Here are Top Ten Tips for Social Media.

1 – Be YOU! – People want to know they are talking to a real person and not just an automated system! 2 – Know what you want – What are you trying to achieve?  Are you trying to get direct traffic to your website? Raise brand awareness or  converse with customers. Twitter is not a great way to build traffic for your website, it’s all about making long term connections with people and raising your brand’s profile. 3 – Ask and respond – Provide an opportunity for feedback and always respond to a comment or question. Build a rapport with people. 4 – Differentiate and pace yourself -People don’t want to hear the same old rubbish and they don’t want to be bombarded with dull information or sales pitches!) 5 – Join the conversation – Find tweets and messages about a business on social media sites, run a search. 6 – Make feedback count – Make sure you track where people are leaving your site / what pages are working / not working. Google analytics can do this for you 7 – Know your audience – Who is your target market? Are they on social media? 8 – Know your platforms – Which social media platforms are best for your business? Do you sell direct to other businesses, or to consumers? Are they likely to be on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or another social media site? 9 – Interaction is KEY! – Thank people and interact when they endorse your company by following or liking you! But make sure it’s a personal thank you and not an automated one! 10. Show your face – Have a photo of yourself on your social media page. People like to engage with people, not a logo.

If you would like a hand with your social media strategy or need someone to manage your social media platforms, then contact us.

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