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  • Jo Evans

Should you be upping your online game?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

What do you do to engage with your users? Have you already set up your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts? Are you wondering what’s next in terms of boosting your business? In this blog we discuss the options that you have next.

Written Blogs

A blog is a sure fire way of engaging with your users/customers. It gives you a platform to showcase your skills/products and you.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger are popular choices for blog platforms. They are all free platforms but we would highly suggest to our clients that WordPress can benefit them the most and is often favoured by web designers.

Our Top Tips for Blogging

1) Use your keywords in the title and introduction. This will automatically engage the reader and a give clear guide as to what you will be talking about. 2) Keep posts around 400-500 words, anything more can mean readers don’t finish or they switch off. 3) Make sure you include an image in the blog and title it. A photo gives the reader a helping hand with visualising your text.

Photo Blogs

Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are becoming increasingly popular. All of these enable users to directly publish to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

What we love about these services is that it does not have to take heaps of time, but can give your clients/followers or fans an insight of your inspirations.

Our Top Tips for Photo Blogging

1) Connect your platform to your other social media feeds for added impact. 2) Name your photos appropriately. If they are a product, make sure you have the product name. Publicise your media profiles too – any magazine or newspaper articles you have been featured in. 3) Have fun, use filters and comment on other peoples photographs too.

Video Blogging (Vlogging) The visual element for a lot of business is the key to good engagement. We have noticed a surge in reviewers vlogging (video blogging).

We believe that setting up your YouTube channel can be a great idea for product or service related business.

Our Top Tips for YouTube:

1) Set up as a YouTube channel and catch your business name while it is still available. 2) Encourage others in your team to post regularly. Use it as your own TV channel. 3) Name, tag and share your work! Watch the views go up and up!

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