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  • Jo Evans

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be losing trade!

I have recently returned from a short break in the UK. I went to a very beautiful area of the UK that’s very popular for holiday makers, there are a huge amount of attractions and restaurants to go to, but where the 3G signal is somewhat unreliable. I have an iPhone.

Whilst using my phone to check admission prices, opening times, searching for things to do on a rainy day, places to eat and so on, I began to get increasingly more frustrated.

Somewhere to go in the rain…I heard there was an indoor Reptile Experience place nearby.


Right. Hmm.

How about somewhere to eat then?


I see.

Only a tiny proportion of the numerous websites that I looked at were responsive; that is, they were not geared towards being easy to display on smart phones. Pages wouldn’t load up, they often contained huge images that timed out, were too big for my phone to load up before the 3G dropped out again. Who knows how many times I gave up and tried somewhere else instead.

If you have a business that is aimed at visitors to the local area who will not be lugging their PC round with them (around 30-40% of all websites are viewed on smartphones or tablets – I would suspect that for tourist attractions this figure is probably a lot higher), then please make sure that your website is mobile friendly. It’s not an expensive thing to do, and it could certainly boost your bottom line massively by working better to attract customers.

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