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How to get the best from your design agency

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

1) Ensure your brief is comprehensive. Forgetting to leave out vital information such as dimensions, specific images or not nailing down the copy (wording to be used on the marketing materials) before you brief your agency will only result in longer lead times and ultimately increased costs.

2) Make sure you include key images / files. If your creative piece requires specific imagery to ‘tell the story’, ensure that you share these or examples of images you like with your agency, as this will reduce time taken to source suitable imagery for your project.

3) Approve the design layout. Your agency will most likely ask you to approve the design layout before moving on to add the final copy and finishing touches. This is to ensure that you are 100% happy with the look and feel of the design before moving into the final stage of production.

4) Finalise the copy (wording). Where possible, figure out what you want to say, and get the copy approved before supplying it to your design agency. You can always make a few minor amends post design, but if you to then need to re-write it after design has begun, this will result in increased costs.

5) Collate all changes in one go. Once the initial layout and design has been approved, agencies normally allow between two and three minor copy / design amendments just to ensure it is 100% perfect before print. To reduce valuable time wasted going back and forth with changes, collate all feedback and amendments in one go.

6) Graphic designers are not mind readers – give them as much information to go on as possible, in order to reach the desired outcome. If you have no idea what you are looking for, the likelihood is neither will they!

The aim is to provide as much information up front, and consider your visuals and copy before providing this to your agency – if you follow these easy steps you’ll be well on your way to a speedy creative process.

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