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The importance of good briefs

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


When it comes to results, you put rubbish in, you will probably get rubbish out! A bit of a cliché, but so true. In this blog we will share with you how to write a full creative brief, which will enable your designer to have all the relevant company information at his / her creative fingertips!

Make sure you include:

Standard Information

  1. Organisation’s name

  2. Location

  3. Years trading

  4. Number of Employees

  5. Product or Services sold

  6. Current Challenges

  7. Competitors

The above information is useful as a starting point, but to create a dazzling, and thought provoking identity, your designer will need to dig further into the depths of your business.

Digging Deeper

  1. Who is your typical customer?

  2. How do your customers currently find you?

  3. Why do you need a new brand identity?

  4. How is your business perceived? (Car – Ford or Mercedes, Animal – Pig or Elephant)

  5. What words best describe the service provided? (Professional, playful, traditional etc..)

  6. What other brands do your customers tend to buy?

  7. Who is the brand champion in your organisation who will promote your brand?

By answering these basic questions about your organisation, you will give your designer a huge insight into your business aims and objectives. You may need to do some market research & customer profiling (if you haven’t already done so!).

For more information on how to identify YOUR customers, and their buying habits contact us.

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