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Froglife’s Boardwalks ‘Hoppy Families’ Nature Trail Campaign: support our fellow frogs!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Our friends at Froglife are launching a crowd funding campaign next week and would love to have your support.  They have been selected to be part of a small group of projects that will be trialing crowd funding for nature projects.  This approach is normally used for tech and creative arts projects and is fairly new to the world of conservation.

Did you know you can find this amazing place right in the centre of Peterborough?

image001 (1)

This is Boardwalks and Thorpe Meadows nature reserve.  Froglife have recently taken over the management of this site and want to get more families and local people out enjoying it!

They are planning to launch an exciting new crowdfunding campaign here at the start of February to raise £3500 to create a ‘Hoppy Families’ Nature Trail. It is hoped that the campaign will encourage more people to visit the Boardwalks as although it is free and easily accessible, being close to the City Centre, few people seem to know about this beautiful greenspace.

Froglife need your help to spread the word!

In case you are unfamiliar with it, crowdfunding is when many individuals are asked to contribute money towards a cause or project to help them reach a specific target amount. This could be within the local community, or increasingly, via online crowdfunding platforms, enabling larger audiences to be reached. Any amount can be pledged, and rewards are often offered by the campaigners as extra incentives. It is relatively new to the environmental sector and this campaign is one of several in the East of England region whose experiences will be compiled into case studies for other environmental organisations to learn from, to help build more successful campaigns in the future.

Froglife Logo on ‘’ will go live at midnight on 1st February explaining more about their campaign, and with regular updates as they get closer to their target. Social media will also play a big part in the campaign and it would be great if you would support them by sharing their Tweets (#HoppyFamilies) and Facebook updates with your own followers, friends and colleagues too!

If you like the sound of the project, Froglife would of course welcome your pledges when the Crowdfunder page is launched on the 1stFebruary – they need to raise 30% of their target (£700) in the first few days, so please make a note on your calendar! Alternatively, please get in touch with Froglife if you have any questions or suggestions.

Pass the word on about Froglife’s Boardwalks ‘Hoppy Families’ Nature Trail campaign! You can share updates from the Froglife Facebook page and @froglifers on Twitter using the hashtag #HoppyFamilies.

Don’t forget to Pledge when the campaign launches on the 1st February, and of course – keep talking about it!

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