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Emerald Frog pass the test with ptts

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


We have recently been working with PTTS (Pat Testing Training Solutions) in Cambridgeshire to assist in the launch of a new service offering electrical equipment safety testing for businesses.

Here’s what we did:

The Client – PTTS

The Brief – To create a brand identity that stands out and represents the PAT testing services offered in both a memorable and clear format. Once the identity has been created, we were asked to put together the brand guidelines that will be used to keep all future marketing materials consistent at every touch point. As part of the brand creation, we were asked to create leaflets, pull up banners and company stationery in preparation for its launch at numerous local business events.

The results – We wanted to ensure that the logo we designed represented the business in the best possible way, so we came up with the idea of using the industry standard PAT testing ‘pass’ symbol and incorporated it into the branding. It also included a shield, to represent protection of the busines and its employees. We then shortened the name Pat Testing and Training Solutions to PTTS – which would be far more memorable and less cumbersome.

Once the brand identity had been approved, we set about working on the rest of the launch materials. Sourcing relevant imagery for the flyer which was later used on the pull up banners also.

The content from the flyer was re-cycled and fine tuned to create meaningful bullet points on banner 1, and eye catching imagery on banner 2. The result was a set of banners which attracted passers by and content which they could relate to in terms of their PAT testing obligations.

The testimonial – “Emerald Frog Marketing we would like to thank you both, for creating our fantastic brand and subsequent marketing materials for the launch of PAT Testing and Training Solutions (PTTS).We received a very professional and friendly service, and are more than pleased with the work you have done. We will certainly spread he word to others! Thanks again!”

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