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  • Jo Evans

Emerald Frog Marketing do some cage fighting (graphics, that is)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It’s all happening this month! We’ve been under tight deadlines for producing graphics to be displayed at the televised UCMMA fight on April 7th. UCMMA is Ultimate Cage Fighting, held in London.

From cage rails, flooring and adverts in the event guide, through to sponsor adverts on TV and website banners – we worked tirelessly to get all the graphics together in time for this fantastic opportunity to promote our client, functional fitness specialists, Jordan Fitness.

Jordan Fitness have an array of combat equipment, including gloves, pads, bags and boxing stations, so sponsorship of the UCMMA televised showdown was great exposure for their brand.

For all those MMA fans out there we’ve attached a photo and posted the video link below, just in-case you missed the fight!

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