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  • Jo Evans

Copywriting v copyrighting

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We often get asked what copywriting is.

Over the past few months, we’ve been asked…

“Does copywriting mean you copy what someone else has written?”.

No, that is what Cistercian Monks do. I do not spend many hours hunched over my desk scribing text copied from documents before passing to Cheriee to illuminate. Well, we do – but it’s all our own work.

We’ve also been asked…

“Does copywriting mean that you patent people’s inventions?” 

Again, no. That is “copyrighting”.  We do know some legal people who will give you advice on legally copyrighting your idea or trademarking your logo and recommend you do so, but that is not what “copywriting” is.

Copywriting is the writing of text (or “copy” as it’s called) for your marketing materials. We do web copy, brochure copy, blog copy, leaflet copy, press release copy.  We also do email campaign copy, sales letter copy and advert copy.  But we don’t copy copy. It’s all original stuff.

We also don’t do photo copy. For that you might want to try these guys.

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