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So you have a blog – what next?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

So you have set up a blog and don’t know where to go next? Here are our top tips on getting started and ideas on what to write about.

1. Get to know your platform before publishing.

Have a play around with how you want your blog to look, where you want the images placed and how to set up links etc. Discover what works/looks best for your blog.

2. When you are ready to start publishing, think about how often you want to write.

You need to be consistent about updating your blog, so set a regular day and time to write and a regular day or time to publish. You want readers to want the next blog but they won’t want to wait too long.

3. Don’t know what to write? The best way to write is to think about things that you are interested in.

By writing about topics you like and believe in, the easier it is for your reader to connect. If you have a product based business showcase a product a week and associate it with a theme – this could be seasonal.

4. Set up Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allow you to follow topics, themes and keywords that you are interested in. You’ll then receive alerts daily or weekly directly to your inbox. Always link back to the source of topics that inspire you.

5. Keep it sharp.

Blog length should be around 300 to 500 words in length. Your first paragraph should contain any keywords you need to use. You should always include at least one image in each post.

6. Keep a copy of your blogs for future marketing.

You may look back and need to adapt or rework them.

7. Don’t just hit publish and think you’re done.

You want to engage with readers. Post your links on relevant Facebook groups and encourage discussion around your posts. Add your blog to online directories. Tweet out about your posts at various points in the day with different but relevant questions.

8. Most of all – have fun with it!

If you aren’t enjoying writing it, your readers won’t enjoy reading it.

If you want help with blogging, Emerald Frog offer training and blog management packages to suit all needs.

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