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ASL reduces carbon footprint with “greener” vehicles

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Recent press release from our client ASL. 

ASL002 Car Fleet_IMG_3157_005

Automated Systems Group Ltd (ASL), one of the largest independent reprographic and print solutions suppliers in the UK, has replaced its entire engineer van fleet with more environmentally-friendly vehicles and implemented advanced fleet monitoring software to further reduce its carbon footprint.

With a fleet of 30 engineer vehicles to replace, ASL undertook extensive testing based on performance and low carbon footprint, the clear winner was the new 2015 Vauxhall Insignia Design Nav, supplied direct by the manufacturer.

Commenting on the decision, ASL’s Managing Director Mark Garius said “As a model aimed at the fleet market providing mobile connectivity and satellite navigation, the Vauxhall Insignia makes for an efficient safe working environment for the engineers. When you then look at competitive pricing, high specifications and fewer than 99 gm/km CO2 emissions, combined with a significantly lower benefit in kind for the driver, you have a winning formula”.

Another important factor was the “real life” miles per gallon, as running a fleet of more than thirty cars meant ASL’s annual fuel spend was a six figure sum. Throughout testing, ASL noted a 20% improvement in fuel economy over the existing fleet, resulting in significant savings over the cars’ life cycle.

As companies are increasingly challenged to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon output, vehicle fleets are under the spotlight. Real-time Telematics from each of ASL’s vehicle’s CO2 emissions is automatically recorded as part of the journey summary, thereby maintaining an accurate log of the company’s carbon footprint. By using software that includes a “Fleet Manager” view, ASL also has a complete overview of their fleet and the driving habits of their employees.

By highlighting incidents of harsh acceleration and braking, excessive speeds or engine revs, and even periods of excessive vehicle idling, this can identify areas for a potential reduction in carbon output and any trends over the fleet. ASL can compare driving styles and see how future emissions can be further reduced by managing driver behaviour.

Mark Garius continues, ” ASL has recently been awarded with ISO 14001, the Environmental Management International Standard for their strategy for reducing our environmental waste and carbon footprint. Future legislation will, inevitably, require companies to manage their environmental standards in a more structured way and with this fleet management tool ASL has an auditable record of carbon emissions.”

ASL are one of the UK’s leading independent document resellers, supplying and managing print, copy and scan solutions from world leading manufacturers. The company is based in Cambridge with offices in Solihull, London, Great Yarmouth and Milton Keynes employing over 100 staff and looks after around 5000 customers across the UK.

For more information, call 0845 207 7000 or go to

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