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Writing a good blog post

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Many websites have blogs. It’s almost expected these days. It gives you a chance to chat with your customers, keeps the content on your website fresh and demonstrates your expertise.

But what is the secret behind writing a good blog post that keeps people coming back to your site and ultimately using your services?

Here are some Emerald Frog Marketing top tips for blogging:

1. Make sure that your blog post is in a conversational style. Talk to your readers as if you know them. I imagine that I am typing an email to a friend. Don’t talk AT your readers or lecture them.

2. Don’t blag or waffle. Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them! Ensure that your blog post has a structure. Ensure also that sentences are short and paragraphs laid out to space the text. There is nothing more off-putting than pages and pages of text on a website. For some reason, web surfer attention spans are far shorter than if they were reading a book or magazine.

3. Make sure your blog has a good title that acts as a “hook” and makes the reader want to read on.

4. You have less than ten seconds in the first paragraph to make the reader want to carry on to the rest of the blog post. Make it interesting and conversational.

5. Keep your conclusions short and encourage people to comment. Perhaps leave a question at the end to prompt discussion.

Stick to these top tips and your blog will be a winner. But most of all make sure that you are being yourself in your post! Talk about things that you are passionate about and the energy will come across in your writing.

So, to end on the suggestion from Tip 5 – anyone got any other tips for what makes a great blog post? 🙂

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