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  • Jo Evans

Why You Should Use Images On Your Website

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

As I lie next to my 3 yo and read stories at bedtime I am thankful that the book has pictures in it.

I would get so bored reading the same story over and over. The same can be said about websites too. Sometimes we cannot help but let our mind wonder when we are working, but if you can grab your readers attention with a picture then you are half way there.

Every heard the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words?’

A picture accompanying the text welcomes you and makes you feel a part of the company. Then you notice the name of the brand again. You want to be aware of the eye line in your pictures especially if you are taking them yourself. It’s in our human nature to follow another person’s gaze, it distracts/directs our attention.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running as long as the images you use are all linked to the text/subject then you should be fine.

Not only will visitors find your site more appealing, but it can enhance you SEO too. Search Engines have to filter text to Optimise so the more pictures you have, the more chances you have of being ‘stumbled upon’.

How many images should you use? How ever many are relevant. Use them throughout your text to break up the old black and white.

If you are using images to sell your product you want to know what it is that sells your product the best. Does it compete with others on the market for size? Durability? If it is on speed then you won’t be showing pictures of it next  to a feather saying it’s the lightest product out there. Instead you could experiment with pictures of sportsmen and women in motion with a blurred background then you’d add a smart caption / text underneath suggesting that your product is as fast if not faster than the runners.

So, using pictures makes your site more memorable. It can make your site more shareable and competitive as you can bet our bottom dollar another company will be doing the same.

Do you think any of the fashion magazines would be selling if they didn’t use images in their articles? Keep it current and up to date, and best of all have fun with it!

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