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What do you know about the wonderful world of marketing?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

How much do you really know about the wonderful world of marketing? Take part in our festive fun marketing quiz, no prizes, just for a spot of Christmas cheer!

  1. How much did this years’ John Lewis Christmas campaign cost?

This year’s John Lewis Christmas campaign, entirely, cost £7 million. The Christmas advert cost £1 million, and the rest was to brand the campaign with the merchandise, a smartphone game and moon décor for 11 stores nationwide, with certain products profits being donated to charity Age UK.

  1. Which soft drink brand dressed Santa Claus in red and white?

In the 1930’s, Coca-Cola rebranded Santa Claus in a red and white suit, just like their brand colours. Before this Santa was seen in a range of colours from green to blue. This marketing move made Santa Claus commercially who he is today.

We could aid you in similar rebranding and give your business a much needed face-lift, or set up your corporate style for years to come!

  1. Which date is best for your festive email campaigns?

December 10th, the week in which campaigns receive the most opens and click rates based on insights and statistics from previous years.

Remember, early planning is essential for effective email campaigns – why not see if we can help!

  1. Which retailer was Rudolph created by?

Rudolph was created by the Montgomery Ward department store as a marketing tactic to get children to buy festive colouring books. There was actually a debate about the colour of Rudolphs nose, as it was thought red gave a negative image.

Why, emerald green would have been just as fitting to Rudolph. Not to mention good to colour!

  1. From which Christmas ad is the slogan “For gifts you can’t wait to give”?

John Lewis’s 2011 advert titled “The Long Wait” featuring a young boy, impatiently waiting, wandering, and clock-watching (much like us frogs on a Friday!) until he can give his parent’s the gift he couldn’t wait to give, on Christmas day.

  1. When is the best day to start you January sales promotions?

December 20th has been highlighted by research and findings surveying sales from the last few years. Gets it in early, whilst people are still in the shopping mood!

  1. What % of Shoppers opened Christmas emails on their mobile in 2013?

48% of people open Christmas emails on a mobile device, making for a huge loss in retailers and marketers that don’t opt for a responsive campaign across devices.

Why not get Emerald Frog Marketing to help in making your website and online systems mobile-friendly?

  1. How much did the Warburtons Christmas ad 2015 cost?

£25 million, the baking brand’s largest ad campaign to date, using the Muppet family to marry with their “from our family to yours” tagline. In choosing their ‘Giant Crumpet Show’ Muppet extravaganza, they hoped to keep the celebratory tone in Christmas, as opposed to many tear jerkers released this year.

  1. What % increase has there been in Mobile festive browsing last year?

67% increase in social networking, internet surfing and Christmas shopping compared to stats found in 2013. This is all the while increasing, year by year.

  1. Which brand dropped their celebrity tie-up for this year’s Christmas campaign?

Morrisons dropped Ant and Dec TV presenters after their 2014 appearance failed to increase sales during Christmas 2014. Instead, they have gone for featuring their in store staff in a “farm to fork” campaign to make their sales magical this year.

  1. What is Japan’s meal of choice for their Christmas dinner?

KFC. Yes, that’s right, Kentucky Fried Chicken. After a hugely successful campaign in the seventies, KFC have latched onto the market in japan, so much so that to get a table for Christmas Day you have to book your festive meal almost 2 months in advance!

  1. What day of 2013 was the single busiest day for shopping?

After all the Christmas shopping leading up to the big day, millions of people head out on Boxing Day for more shopping, including 129 million online shoppers visiting retail websites on the day.

Have a toad-ally awesome Christmas, from the Team and Emerald Frog Marketing.

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