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Time is running out!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It’s October already! How did that happen so quickly?!

Autumn is now well and truly here. Summer is becoming a distant memory, with darker mornings and Christmas decorations already in the shops.  I heard Slade the other day in the Co-op.


If you are busy with current workloads, or prone to procrastination, then “Look into marketing for next year” may be falling off today’s to-do list and slipping on to the “Ah, it can wait” list.

However, year end is fast looming! Where will your revenue be coming from next year?

Consider this:

Mid October: Read a wonderful article from award-winning marketing consultancy, Emerald Frog Marketing, explaining about the year-end marketing planning process and contact Jo to discuss Emerald Frog Marketing’s small business marketing support service.

Mid to end October: Meet up with a tall, yet affable, lady from Emerald Frog to discuss your marketing objectives for the forthcoming year.

Start of November:  Decide on your business’ marketing budget  to determine marketing activity and appropriate tactics for next year and get the necessary sign offs to get the ball rolling.

Start/ mid November: Engage the aforementioned award-winning marketing consultancy to go off and write a comprehensive marketing strategy plan for your business, detailing your marketing activity month by month for the forthcoming year.

End November/beginning December:  Receive and discuss the marketing plan written by an expert (and did I mention, award-winning) frog. Feel positive and excited about the forthcoming year’s plans to promote your business.

Mid December:  Decide whether you would like to handle your marketing plan yourself with your in-house resource with a bit of a steer from said affable frog, or outsource to Emerald Frog Marketing’s Outsourced Marketing Service – giving you full use of a marketing professional for however many hours a month you need yet without having to pay her holiday pay, pension, sick pay or any other ties to your payroll.

End of December: Relax and enjoy Christmas and New Year, safe in the knowledge that your marketing for next year is being taken care of by Emerald Frog Marketing.

January: Get the New Year off to a flying start with Emerald Frog Marketing promoting your business, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and generating leads throughout the year.

Our services include marketing strategy, marketing communications, social media management either on a project by project basis, hourly or day rate.

If you would like to get your marketing in place for January then please get in touch with us by either calling 07801226831 or via our website form

Christmas will soon be here. Make sure that, unlike the turkey, your marketing planning isn’t left over from the previous year.

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