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  • Jo Evans

The Pros and Cons of networking

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Networking. Some swear by it, others hate doing it.  Here’s a quick low-down on the advantages and disadvantages of using networking as part of your marketing tactics.

Advantages of networking

  1. Build long term trusting relationships. Networking is a slow burner. Don’t expect to walk into a room, hand out your business cards and then sit back in the office and wait for your phone to ring. Trusted relationships take months to build.

  2. People buy from people they like. If you have a personality that people can identify with, then they are more inclined to buy from you.

  3. Sociable and fun. From informal drinks to corporate fun days, networking can also be fun and not just “shop talk”.

  4. Connect other people, not just yourself. Good networkers don’t just look out for leads for themselves, they help other people connect with each other too.  It has a benefit to you too. If you are known to be helpful and create business for others, more people will want to be connected to you too!

Disadvantages of networking

  1. Expensive – it can be pricey, especially if you have to pay membership fees, although these will hopefully be outweighed by leads brought in

  2. Unsociable hours – breakfast meetings and young families are not always conducive  (in my experience!). Also, I’ll be honest, I’m not firing on all cylinders at 6am.

  3. May fill introverts with feels of dread! If you are shy then you may well hate networking.

  4. Joining the wrong groups – test the groups out to see if you like them and if the “right” sort of people are members. It’s better to work a few networking groups hard than be a member of many and very rarely turn up.

Want some help on which tactics would best suit your business? Then contact us!

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