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The Frogplex: Russian dolls filled with vodka

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Our Facilities Manager shows us the new money saving office furniture

Our Facilities Manager shows us the new money saving office furniture

There is never a dull day at The Frogplex.

If we are not bouncing on our space hoppers or racing each other in the lifts (from the dungeons all the way up to penthouse) then we do some work.

One of the things we love about what we do is the variety of clients and products that we work with. We love being able to approach companies’ marketing with fresh ideas and we love the fact that no two days are ever the same.

For example, over the past month we’ve worked on the following:

  1. Drawing up a full strategic marketing plan for a national product manufacturer

  2. A total rebranding exercise for a large financial advisors – logo and a new website

  3. Blogging for a gadget retailer.

  4. Building a new website for an online personal trainer

  5. Creating advertisements for a large firm of lawyers in the region

  6. Writing press releases for an internet based company

  7. Managing social media for a national industry scholarship body and an online business

  8. Working with an international event management company on their forthcoming launch

  9. Mystery shopping Cambridge City Centre and having our photo taken with the Mayor

  10. Met with the judges for the East Cambs Business Awards

  11. Winning another retainer contract for our Virtual Marketing services (hooray!)

  12. Oh, and sourcing 1000 branded Russian Dolls containing vodka.

So, please feel free to keep us busy. We like that. Contact us and we will race on our hoppers to get to the phone.

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