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  • Jo Evans

The benefits of rebranding

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

“It’s ok”, we were told the other day, “our branding is sorted. We have a logo”.

There is more to branding than simply getting a logo designed. Branding is about building the connection between customers and a company, service or product. It has to be built via different “touch points” with the customer.

To build a brand that customers trust, businesses need to review the following:

  1. company literature

  2. advertising

  3. public relations

  4. sales process

  5. packaging

  6. pricing

  7. positioning

  8. strapline

In addition, employees to need to understand and “live the brand” to build branding into their customer service.

So what is a “rebrand”?

Sometimes businesses need to breathe new life into their product/service by rebranding the company and relaunching. Take ntl for example. A few years ago they had a reputation for poor customer service and an unreliable product. Enter Virgin Media who rebrand the service with the trusted Virgin insignia. Same product, same staff in the same office providing the same service, but business took off as a result. Staff became more motivated and morale rose.

Occasionally a rebrand may be necessary where a company’s image has become tired or no longer relevant as the market changes.

For example, a company near Cambridge realised that their image was perceived to be arrogant and complacent in recent years. A rebrand ensured all customer touch points and graphics were softened to appear more friendly and fun. As with ntl, staff  loyalty and passion was reignited with the change in the “feel” of the company. Another local company have rebranded to relaunch under a more keyword friendly company name to make it more visible to search engines.

Branding and rebranding needs careful thought and strategic planning. To create or revitalise your product or service into a brand that is at the forefront of your customers’ minds, then contact us!

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