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  • Jo Evans

Social Media Social Graces

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Social Media can either be a valuable asset to your business or a great way to waste valuable time. 

Contrary to belief, it’s not about how many ‘followers’ or ‘likers’ you have it’s about how you engage with the ones you do have.

Here are our top tips:

  1.  Be yourself and not a business. Let your followers feel like they are talking to a person.

  2. Only create content that can be shared. Never post anything that could be classed as negative or controversial, you don’t want to attract attention for the wrong reasons.

  3. Don’t just talk about your business. Talk about clients or other relevant topics to your industry. Your opinions will show your personality.

  4. Mix up your content. Share images, websites or blogs for example, this will keep you interesting.

  5. Make sure your posts are appropriate to the platform. Posts to LinkedIn should be more formal and business-like, but posts to Facebook can be more chatty and informal. Google also doesn’t like it if you post the same thing across all networks, so mix it up a bit to increase your Search Engine Optimisation power (how Google ranks you when people search for you).

  6. Interact on other pages. Look for groups in your industry where you can contribute your knowledge and share information. Likewise acknowledge when people post to your page, even a “like” is sufficient.

  7. Keep posting. Post daily not weekly. You can schedule posts if you don’t have time to keep logging on, there are programmes that can do this for you, such as Hootsuite.

  8. Experiment to see what time of the day is best to post in your industry. Use Google Analytics, does a post on a Monday morning attract more attention than on a Wednesday afternoon for example?

  9. Don’t buy followers or likers. There is no point. They won’t be your target audience, they won’t engage with you. All they will do is boost your ego.

In short, treat your social media like a formal dinner party: be polite, interesting, charming and funny and your guests will not only want to come back, but will talk about what a great host you are to other people.

(Thanks to SMF group for some of these tips. )

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