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PR tips for Start Ups – Getting the media choice right


Did you know that PR is generally considered over three times more powerful than advertising? That’s because people are more likely to stop and read a piece of good editorial than glance at an advert.

So, it makes sense to make sure that you are targeting the publications with a well written press release. Send them some “samples”, too and you could have yourself free media coverage. It’s often cheaper than advertising too.

Spend a bit of time doing some research of media to approach. This will save hours of barking up the wrong tree.

Our PR media targeting top tips:

  1. What do your customers and prospects read? Also, think about websites and radio stations.

  2. If you don’t know, then ask them! It may not be the media you assume it to be.

  3. If you are running a survey or post install/delivery feedback form – ask what media they use.

  4. If your customers are businesses have a look at the magazines they have in their reception area.

  5. Look at websites of exhibitions your customers attend. Often they are sponsored by relevant media, or the media are exhibitors themselves.

  6. Be wary of advertising sales people offering editorial in exchange for advertising. They can be very persuasive that their publication is the one that will be best for you!

If you need some PR doing then contact us. Get the word out about your business!

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