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  • Jo Evans


Updated: Oct 19, 2023

“Jo’s “route to market” is uncomplicated, structured, easy to follow with lots of common sense but requires knowledge and experience of how to get the best out of social media but not at the cost of dropping traditional methods.  Jo has the right attitude and personality along with the knack of using the right vehicle to reach the end user; whether it be a customer, funder, professional body, corporate, individuals.

I find that in my Chair and Trustee role of Pos+Ability, a local charity, we need some structure as we are well established but need to take the next steps enabling further expansion in the future. Two hours and three typed pages of advice and mentoring from Jo has set me up with a Gantt chart (posh words for action plan and timetable) to enable me and my team to take the activities forward. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo to both business and charity organisations.” Linda Neate, Chair and Trustee, Pos+Ability

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