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Playmaintain release new website from Emerald Frog Marketing

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


Emerald Frog Marketing has launched a new, functional website for Playmaintain, a company specialising in the installation, inspection and maintenance of outdoor playground and sports equipment.

The new, responsive website will be a platform to increase Playmaintain’s online presence and help ensure they are a leading brand in the installation and maintenance of playground equipment across the UK.

All web content has been developed to provide a more accessible, lively and engaging experience for Playmaintain’s web visitors.

We provided website design, SEO and graphic design services to achieve the end result; a website in a bespoke design, with a location map to show and highlight key case studies, with integrated social media feeds and a photo gallery to showcase their best work.

We also built an ecommerce functionality into the website for future, if required, for the sales of spare parts and small accessories in relation to playground equipment.

Jo Evans, Managing Director at Emerald Frog Marketing says “The Playmaintain website is now bright, colourful and fully responsive, detailing all of the core services provided. We are confident that the new website will contribute to the success of Playmaintain going forward.”

For more information, visit

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