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My week at Emerald Frog Marketing

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Local student, Kelsey Hughes, contacted us this month requesting some work experience. She was keen to see for herself how varied the role is at a marketing agency. And we were happy to help. Here’s what she got up to!

“When I first heard about Emerald Frog Marketing it was through one of their clients who was extremely positive about the company. He explained that Emerald Frog really ‘got’ the company’s essence and reflected their values. At the time, it was hard for me to understand how it is exactly that a company can be rebranded and marketed by an outsider. It really intrigued me that a marketing agency has to get into the mind-set of any given company and try to work out a strategy to make it more attractive and successful. This is what led me to try and contact Jo in order to see if I could find out any more.

I was very lucky to be offered a few days where I could come in and see how the company functioned and get involved with a few networking events. Upon arrival on my first day I got straight down to business with a project that Jo and the team had been working on for a long time, a charity auction to celebrate the company’s 5th birthday. Although it wasn’t the typical days work, it certainly woke me up to the variety of clients that Emerald Frog work with, as well as showing me the colossal amount of time that goes into a single event like a charity auction.

Kelsey at Poets

The next day I had at Emerald Frog was so jammed packed full of events that it really didn’t feel like a day at work at all. In the morning, I was lucky to be able to attend a ‘Storm in a Teacup’ meeting in a very swanky hotel in Ely, Poet’s House. The meeting was bristling with interesting topics, and had a great atmosphere. I was expecting to be thrown into a dog-eat-dog situation but instead it was one of support and openness. In particular, there was a very interesting conversation about work experience and education and how students need to be all rounded as well as academic. I am really pleased to have met some of the ladies attending, and to hear their stories. I can see how networking events such as Storm in a Teacup are invaluable to a marketing agency, and any kind of small local business.

Later that day I attended a meeting with Jo and Stormport, an electrical networking company. The meeting was good to watch in on and to observe even the basic things: how business interactions work, how campaigns are planned, and how a meeting and discussion should run. It is exciting to see a marketing plan formulated and put into action, as well as evaluation of results and success.

On my final day at the office I worked hard to try and finish the guide for the charity auction, and was excited to be allowed to let my artistic juices flow on the design front. I was really happy to be given this level of responsibility despite the fact I had limited experience of graphic design myself, and so I learnt a lot from the challenge! Hopefully the end result will emerge a success.

Kelsey1 (2) - web

All in all, I am most indebted to the Emerald Frog team for allowing me to come and experience work in the marketing world for a week. I can emerge from my involvement feeling like I am considerably more conscious and insightful into the business world around me!”

We were delighted to have Kelsey join us for a week’s work experience; she’s a very capable and bright student and soon got to work with helping us with the directory that we’ll be sending out to all bidders and businesses who took part in our 5 Star Charity Auction.  We always aim to keep work experience varied to show as many facets of the role as possible so that students can decide whether marketing and PR is indeed the career choice for them. We wish Kelsey the very best for her future and we are very happy to have helped!

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