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  • Jo Evans

Marketing Golden Nuggets

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Here’s some quick marketing golden nuggets from us here at The Frogplex…

Advertising – It take 7 exposures to an advert before a reader will take notice of it!

Networking – In our opinion, it is far better to commit yourself to one or two effective networking groups, than to try and spread yourself too thin. This way you can build good strong relationships with people, and this will pay off in the long term.

Public Relations – Calculate your potential benefits of PR over advertising by working out the cost of an advert the same size and multiply by 3 – this gives you the perceived estimated value (PEV) based on readers taking PR more seriously than advertising.

Email Campaigns – Steer clear from using imagery at the header of your email if possible. People who view emails on a smart phone will just see a group of empty boxes with crosses in the corner unless they manually click to view images. This significantly reduces the overall open rate. Emails are simply a signpost to your website. Nothing more…

Direct Marketing – The average response rate of a Direct Mail campaign is approximately between 1-2% – so if you are sending out 1000 mailers, don’t be surprised if you only get 10 – 2o responses (That is actually a very good result!)

Social Media – Use Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Blogging – Is great to boost your SEO ranking, changing content keeps your website fresh and search engines just love that!

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