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  • Jo Evans

It’s our 5th birthday!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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We are really pleased to be celebrating our 5th birthday, it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride so far. It’s never easy to set up a business, particularly during the fragile post-recession 2010, but we are still here and growing from strength to strength.

I established Emerald Frog Marketing in 2010, quite literally working from the kitchen table, with a demanding baby to also look after. Creating a service to deliver an outsourced marketing department for other businesses, followed a decision to escape the rat-race and ultimately create a better work/life balance. It’s never plain-sailing running your own business, but with a LOT of hard work (working very odd hours in the early days), I’m really proud that Emerald Frog Marketing has grown and built a portfolio of great customers, delighted with the marketing and PR we deliver.

Emerald Frog Marketing has worked with a range of businesses over the past 5 years, from start-ups to large multinationals on all manner of marketing and PR activity. We’d like to thank all our clients for their custom so far; look out in the post for a little thank you gift from us. And thanks very much to all the Emerald Frog Marketing team who work so hard, yet still manage to keep their senses of humour!

In traditional terms, 5 years marks our “Wood” anniversary, hence the wood themed logo. Shortly, we’ll be announcing plans for our charity fundraising campaign to mark our 5 year milestone, supporting 5 amazing local charities. We like to get involved with the local community; this is our way of giving something back and saying thank you!

Watch this space for more details…

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