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  • Jo Evans

How to woo customers and keep the relationship hot!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

So you need some more business? What’s the most cost effective way of doing that?

Many businesses plough a lot of budget into constantly looking for new customers, but did you know that it can be four times more expensive to find new customers than to simply do more business with your existing client base? It’s also a lot of effort too. You have to get up early for business networking meetings, you have to send larger volumes of direct mail. You have to splurge on advertising.

It’s like dating and marriage. To lure in new customers you have to go all out. You have to woo them with your offerings. You may have to spend money taking them nice places and ensuring you looking attractive.  But once you have wooed them, then what? How do you keep the spark alive? 🙂

Well, just like marriage you have to build trust. You have to not leave your customers feeling neglected and ensure you are properly communicating. The more they trust you the more they will buy from you and the less likely they are to stray. Repeat business is far cheaper, marketing-wise, than acquiring and converting (“wooing and marrying”!) new leads.

But, just like marriage, make sure you treat your existing customers nicely. The odd bunch of flowers or trip out for lunch – well that’ll keep the fire burning in your relationship! And you still have to look your best and not let yourself go! 😉

If you need some help developing your existing customer base then contact us.

Can’t help out with marriage problems though, sorry. Try Relate 😉

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