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  • Jo Evans

How to win the business lottery!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

My old Dad, bless him was a keen lottery player and wise old sage. He knew that the odds of winning the lottery were virtually impossible (but loved a flutter) and he always recommended I worked hard instead of pinning all my hopes on lottery wins.

He explained it one day.

“Imagine Wembley Stadium. It holds about 100,000 people if packed full with people standing on the pitch. Now, imagine there is a big pointy finger hovering over the stadium. What’s the chances that the hand will stop and point to you? You, among all those people? 1 in 100,000. Now imagine there are 140 packed Wembley Stadiums. Imagine the noise of all those people. The stadiums would cover a huge area. There is the big pointy finger hovering overhead. What’s the chances that it will firstly point to YOUR stadium and then, point at you?”

Yep, pretty slim I think was his point. To win the £101 Million Euromillion Jackpot as a Cambridgeshire couple have done, you would have to imagine 1170 packed Wembley Stadiums.  Lucky pair of so and so’s.

Anyway, my point is this. I thought about what he said when I went to see Take That recently at Wembley. I looked at the crowds around me and thought about the odds of Gary Barlow (swoon!) waving at me directly.

Unless you are incredibly lucky, chances are you aren’t going to be instantly loaded, or waved at by Gary Barlow. If you run a business you will have to keep working hard to get the sales in to make money.

To help your business succeed, then you need to know how you will be generating those sales leads. Commit a percentage of your annual budget to your marketing and plan out your campaigns throughout the year. Make sure that your marketing is a consistent activity to get your name out there, not just a bit of half-hearted activity here and there. Sales leads won’t happen by just hoping for a bit of luck and a tail wind!

Yep, Emerald Frog Marketing. Not trying to burst your bubble here, but keepin’ it real my friends…keepin’ it real.

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