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  • Jo Evans

How to deal with advertising salespeople

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Advertising can be one of the mostly costly things you can spend your marketing budget on. And advertising salespeople can be amongst the most persuasive of folk, assuring you that THEIR publication is the one that you should choose.

We deal with publications a lot. We’ve spent many hours getting the best deals for our clients.

Here are our top tips for making sure you get the best return on your advertising:

1. Do your research.

Make sure you know the publications your customers and potential customers read. Check out our “How to profile your own customers” blog post to find out how you can do this accurately.

2. Get the “Features List”

Ask the publication to send you their “Features List”. This is a list of all the subjects they will be running articles on over the course of the year. It will also advise you of the deadline dates that you need to submit adverts or press releases for. If you can get this list upfront for the year you can tailor your advertising plan to suit the relevant features for your business.

3. Is it the right publication?

If there are no relevant features – question is this the right magazine to be advertising in? Don’t be persuaded by pushy telephone sale people  if it doesn’t fit in with your customer research and the features list is irrelevant to your business.

4. Haggle

Always push to get additional benefits from the publication. Can you get inclusion within e-zines, website banners, classified / directories etc

5. Plan your advertising strategy out for the year

If you book the whole year’s advertising upfront – you have better bargaining power to reduce your rates. Get organised and play hardball!

If you need help with you advertising strategy and to get the best rates, then contact us

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