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Get more bang for your marketing buck with our small business packages

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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We work with small businesses across the region who don’t have an in-house marketing team with marketing support on a flexible basis.  For small businesses our Outsourced Marketing Support packages are the perfect solution:

  1. No holiday, sickness, PAYE or NI to pay

  2. An experienced marketing team for your business

  3. Fixed price to help your cashflow

Each client’s business is different, so rather than set strict packages for clients – you can mix and match marketing support according to your business needs. We’ll help you decide what’s right for your business.

The marketing activity we can provide for our clients includes:

  1. Graphic design and copywriting for marketing materials and campaigns

  2. Writing and distributing press releases

  3. Handling your advertising requirements

  4. Creating and sending e-newsletters

  5. Updating your website with pictures, videos and blogs

  6. Managing your social media for you

  7. Marketing strategy

  8. Evaluation and measurement

  9. Training and mentoring of in-house staff

  10. Building a photo or video library to promote your business

  11. Telephone support and guidance

Emerald Frog Marketing provides a flexible solution for your business marketing needs; a whole team to help you out for a cost-effective, flat monthly fee.  

For more information, please contact us ask about our Outsourced Marketing Support package.

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