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Frogs spawn ideas!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


Emerald Frog Marketing is delighted to be working with Froglife, a national wildlife charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats. We’ll be working with Froglife on their “The Scale of the Problem” project.

The Scale of the Problem is a one year project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Through the project Froglife will gather information and resources that help them evaluate how people perceive amphibians and reptiles, the extent of their potential image problem (when compared with animals that are seen as more appealing or cute), and how Froglife can better represent these amazing animals.

The aim of the project is to test some different ways of talking about the animals and using different images of them, using market research techniques, to see how Froglife can encourage more people to care about frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards to increase their membership base.

We will be helping Froglife plan surveys, focus groups and vox pop sessions over winter 2013, communicating the key messages to Froglife staff and recommending changes to Froglife’s marketing materials.

Communications Officer and Deputy CEO, Sam Taylor said “We are thrilled to be getting some expert help with our marketing to help get more people excited about conservation.  Obviously, our staff and volunteers love frogs, and so does Jo from Emerald Frog Marketing!  It will be great to get some advice about how to share our enthusiasm and engage others in the amazing world of amphibians and reptiles”.

As fellow frog lovers and keen wildlife marketers, we are honoured to be assisting Froglife with their market research project to identify the key messages that will communicate the beauty and importance of these fascinating creatures. The project will establish what connects people to these animals and the appropriate messaging that Froglife’s marketing needs to take. We will also be supporting Froglife by sending a range of their specially designed, and very appropriate, frog themed Christmas cards to all our clients.


For more information on Froglife, and to find out how you can support the charity’s work through becoming a “Froglife Friend” for just £1.50 a month, please visit the Froglife website

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