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Find out more about the charities we are supporting in our 5 Star Charity Auction

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

5 Star Charity Auction

Emerald Frog Marketing is celebrating five years in business this year and is planning to raise money to support five local charities.

We are planning to launch a fundraising campaign via an online auction of promises of prizes donated by the business community.

We are looking for fellow local businesses, large or small, who would like to donate a product, service or voucher to be auctioned to raise money for five local charities. The auction will be held in September and we hope to raise money with the help of the local business community to be split between the following charitable projects.

Charities and organisations we are supporting:

The Liam Fairhurst Foundation:

Liam Fairhurst Foundation

The Liam Fairhurst Foundation has one overall main aim – To help young people affected by cancer, disabilities and illnesses.

The ethos behind the charity is to help the young person affected by cancer, disabilities and illnesses and to also help young people around them too, including siblings and parents.

This is a marvellous local charity that provides amazing support for those affected by cancer and their families. Liam Fairhurst was a true inspiration for his fundraising efforts during his life, raising £340,000 single handedly and a further £7million by heading a campaign for charity.

Little Bundles

Little Bundles Logo

Little Bundles is a charitable organisation that aims to meet the needs of those finding themselves in difficult circumstances. Whether they are homeless, fleeing domestic violence, or in financial hardship when they are expecting or caring for a baby, the charities works on a referral process through professionals, such as health and social workers, providing essential items such as cots, prams, high-chairs and baby clothes.

We are keen to support this charity as both directors at Emerald Frog Marketing started the business, each with a six month old baby in tow. We may have considered our circumstances challenging, but we were lucky. Little Bundles works with families across Cambridgeshire who are facing the most difficult circumstances. We’ve already donated many of our baby things that we no longer need to this charity and would like to help them continue their good work.

Branching Out

Branching Out logo

Branching Out is a charity in Littleport, where Emerald Frog Marketing HQ is situated. They support adults with learning disabilities in a variety of fun work experience and social activities. Their high quality staff team help people, with encouragement to overcome difficulties and achieve in everyday life. The people they support are involved to become part of the Branching Out team helping the community with hands on experience.

We like to keep it local and admire the hard work that Branching Out puts in to help the local community and helping adults with learning disabilities get involved with beneficial projects and groups.

Branching Out say: Branching Out is a not for profit charity supporting adults with learning disabilities based in Littleport.  As an organisation we are committed to supporting our community with our work.  Any money we receive from this auction will increase the amount of help we can give to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.


Froglife Logo

Based in Peterborough, Froglife is a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.

At Emerald Frog Marketing, we love frogs, hence our name. Froglife is a charity we’ve worked with on a Heritage Lottery Funded research and training project.

Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire

Wildlife trust bcn logo

We have chosen to support the local Wildlife Trust as five years is our (in traditionally terms) “Wood” anniversary. We’ve previously worked with the Wildlife Trust on membership acquisition and we are keen to support their Cambridgeshire Hundreds project to protect local ancient woodland.

The Cambridgeshire Hundreds are a cluster of ancient woodlands and we want to give the unique wildlife of the woodlands an opportunity to spread and thrive through better management. This will include reinstating traditional coppicing and widening woodland paths so that sun can reach the woodland floor and allow more flowers to grow, providing nectar for butterflies all summer long. You can read more at

This project is part of a wider Trust initiative to connect nature reserves together to create ‘joined up’ landscapes that are more valuable for wildlife. These Living Landscapes create space for mammals to move about and between, places for wild flower seeds to settle and grow, birds to hunt and butterflies to find nectar. Living Landscapes are good for people too. A healthy environment aids food production and gives us clean air and water. It gives us places to explore and enjoy.

For more information on how you can help our charities and receive some PR as a thank you from us in return, visit 

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