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  • Jo Evans

Emerald Frog Marketing trail blazes with Wilstow!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We’ve also been busy recently on a branding, advertising and direct mail marketing project for Wilstow Trailers in Cambridgeshire.

Emerald Frog Marketing were selected by Wilstow to create a new logo and brand materials helping to strengthen their identity within the portfolio.  Wilstow are the official UK distributor for French trailer brand Erdé, selling a range from small camping trailers right up to the top of the range large commercial orientated trailers.  Erdé is recognised as being one of the leading trailer brands on the market in the UK.

We’ve been working with Wilstow on a new logo, photography for a CostCo advertising campaign, business stationery and a direct mail piece to encourage sign-ups to their e-newsletter.

Creating a striking new logo and brand guidelines enabled us to go on and produce high quality business cards, and a direct mail leaflet which is intended to go out to distributors and resellers this month.

In addition, we photographed 7 brand new trailers (3 Erdé and 4 Wilstow), using 3 different angles, for use in a large distributor national campaign. These photographs received full colour treatment and were clipped from the original backgrounds to produce a consistent and polished set of images, which would meet the high standards of this nationwide retailer.

Our direct mail piece (above) took the form on a double sided full colour invitation to prospects and customers on their extensive database.

For a limited time only, Wilstow are offering e-newsletter customers a chance to claim a 10% discount on all purchases made through their website before 30th November.

If you’ve not yet joined then you are missing out! Their e-newsletters are full of exclusive information about new products, changes in important legislation and regular special offers and promotions.

All you need to do is go to  to sign up and you will receive your special discount code.

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