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  • Jo Evans

Emerald Frog Marketing takes part in East Cambridgeshire Careers & Skills Event

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


We took part in the East Cambridgeshire Careers & Skills Event at Ely Cathedral on 20th October (in our coats, thermals and scarves) meeting Year 11 and Sixth Form students (who are clearly much tougher than us and had no coats) from five secondary schools across the district and around 60 of the top employers from the district.

The event brings together schools, businesses, networking organisations and public sector partners to an exciting Careers and Skills Event.


The aim of the event is to raise the aspirations of local youngsters and provide then with food for thought on the type of careers available on their doorstep.  The event showcases the area’s businesses and ensure East Cambridgeshire’s young people have the skills needed to support the district’s economic development in the future. The event’s aims were the following:

  1. Raise awareness of the world class businesses and sectors in the local employment market among students.

  2. Help students to make informed post 16 and post 18 choices.

  3. Inspire, inform and engage students.

  4. Facilitate further links between business and schools.


It was great to have the opportunity to chat with students about their career aspirations and the experience, qualifications and personal attributes required for a career in marketing. Students can often be very hung up on the exams that they need, but we were keen to impress upon them that such skills as the ability to work under pressure, teamwork and communication skills are also vital to succeed in marketing.

We also showed students the importance of branding through various interactive branding quizzes and to show the importance of successful marketing campaigns students had a go at guessing the name of the retail “Toys of the Year” from the past few decades.  How many can you guess?

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