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Emerald Frog Marketing supports local litter initiative

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Litterpick set

Emerald Frog Marketing is one of 30 local businesses who are commited to help tackle litter in the local community.

Littleport Timebank is looking to get local businesses to sponsor a litter pick for Timebank members and the wider community, and the community-based initiative is asking for £40 for a set of litter-picking equipment. These sets will allow more volunteers to have the correct health and safety equipment to continue their community litterpicks.

A set comprises of litter grabber, hoop bag holder, gloves and a hi-vis vest which will have a company name or logo on it to show the sponsor’s support.

The public can also get involved in advance of Littleport Timebank’s litter pick on April 7 or join the Timebank to earn two hours which can be exchanged for practical help for themselves.

It can also be exchanged for Time Credit notes which can be used at the Light Cinema in Cambridge or any other variety of spends nationally.

Timebank co-ordinator Caline Easey said: “Timebanking is a great way of meeting new people, getting stuck in to support the community and the beauty of it is, you can contribute as little or as much of your time as you like, there’s no commitment.”

If your business would like to donate £40 to cover a litterpick set, hi-vis jacket, handihoop and gloves for a volunteer, call Caline Easey at Littleport Timebank on 07702 517746

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