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  • Jo Evans

Basic Marketing Tips

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

This week’s blog post explains how small business can improve their basic marketing. These may all seem obvious, but it’s crucial that you follow these steps to ensure that your marketing budget is giving you the best return possible.

Marketing is different to sales:

It’s knowing how your customers think, what they want and the best tactics to use to sell to them…then doing it! Consistently and constantly.

Our top tips for improving your marketing…


Always track where your enquiries and customers came from.  How are they finding you? Adverts? Internet? Leaflet through the door? Add in a unique special offer code into adverts and direct mail.  Create an offer code or specific web page for email campaigns and websites.

To measure which sources produce the most leads, you will know where best to invest your marketing budget in future months/years


Test a small sample size to see what works best before you hit a larger area. Check your message/offer/media is the right one for your target audience. Place a small amount of adverts, print a small mailer size, send a smaller run of brochures before you spend time and money hitting everyone with the wrong tactics or offer.

•What do you want the customer to do?

Include a reply device into all your marketing media. People like to respond in different ways so include phone numbers, email address, web address, or a form to fill in and post. Include a coupon for the customer to complete on an advert.

Make sure you can measure the best response

•Respond quickly!

Reply within 24 hours  to sales enquiries

Keep in contact with your customers after sale!

Follow up on letters quickly. See our blog post, “The dangers of late follow-ups!”

When sending out a sales letter, send it out in batches. Call to follow up within 2-3 days. If you can’t get hold of the person you need to speak with, or its not convenient with them, then arrange a time to call back… and stick to it!

For more in depth marketing advice, contact us

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