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  • Jo Evans

6 ways to improve your Christmas email campaigns

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Christmas is often the time many businesses ramp up their marketing efforts to prepare for the customer rush. Now is the time to gain some new customers and keep the old ones coming back for more.

Here’s a few ways to bring in extra revenue for your email campaigns with a few last minute Christmas tweaks:

1. Clean your email database  – although this should be an ongoing process you should make sure that your database is clean, accurate and properly segmented. A last minute look at your database before you send out your Christmas email campaigns can help improve your sales by ensuring MORE people get the RIGHT message.

2. Use attention grabbing subject lines – Studies have shown that words such as “rush” and “now”, that imply a sense of urgency, are among  the most effective in email campaign subject lines at Christmas time.

3. Test, test, test – test your emails. There is still time! Send them out in small batches to assess which subject lines/times of day/offers are working best. Keep an eye on your competitors’ email campaigns to make sure that yours stand out.

4. Make sure everyone can see it – make sure that your email campaign looks ok in as many different browsers and you can. Also ensure that people using mobiles can open it. Increase the power of your email campaign by utilising social media as well.

5. Measure it – record your results, which factors made your campaign a success or a failure, what can you learn from next year?

6. Don’t forget about January! – many consumers hold on to their cash until January, looking to grab a bargain. Follow your Christmas offers up with a January campaign.

However, the best thing to do is to make sure that you always plan ahead for your Christmas campaigns to avoid any last minute stress! Make sure you write your Xmas campaigns into your marketing and get it planned out before the weather turns too cold.

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