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5 steps to creating an iconic logo

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Here are Emerald Frog Marketing’s top tips to creating an iconic logo…like ours, of course! 🙂

1)      A logo is not your brand – it is just one part of the whole brand identity. It plays a very important role but it won’t save a poor product or service.

2)     Refrain from using colour until the end of the process, leaving you free to focus on the design idea rather than the minor detail.

3)     Keep it relevant to the brand promise – An accountancy firm, for example, does not need to have a playful or fun tag-line, just re-assure their customers that they will keep their promise and deliver a compelling service

4)     Be Consistent – Always ask for a style guide once the design process is complete, this will help you to be consistent across your materials and consistency breeds trust.

5)     Consider trademarking your design – This can prevent legal issues, it is a lengthy and complex process so we would recommend seeking advice from a professional trademark lawyer (we can recommend

For iconic logo design and branding, then contact us!

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