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Good marketing is about customer experience

Marketing is not just limited to what you put on your website or in glossy brochures. How you treat your customers and the service that they receive from your organisation or business can determine your brand’s perception and business reputation.

It is vital that your customers receive an excellent experience at all customer “touchpoints” with your business; from your professional upfront image and quality marketing collateral to customer handling procedures once they have decided to buy from you. Will their experience make them likely to buy from you again? Will they tell a friend how great yoour business is? Or have they been given bad customer service and more likely to tell many more of their negative experience?

Reputation management is essential for any business, big or small. We can help you with providing advice, best practices, customer communications and regular training and feedback.

Internal communications

How well does information flow through your business? Are all staff and stakeholders informed of changes, new product or service launches? Are field staff aware of procedure changes or company news?

Do you know how your staff feel about the communications in your business? Do they feel well informed or is there room for improvement and a “silo” mentality?

Internal communication issues can affect morale or information given to enquiring customers which has a knock on effect with customer service, customer experience and your brand’s reputation.

Emerald Frog Marketing has experience of working with businesses to ensure communications are not just horizontal and outbound and inbound with customers but vertical too, engaging staff and management as well for balanced communications strategy.

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