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How to create a strong brand

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Creating a brand is more than just a name or logo, it is the delivery mechanism for your business ethos and will be the driving factor on how your organisation is perceived.

There are 4 main categories in which a brand name can fall:

1)     Descriptive – These names generally “do what it says on the tin” by either communicating something about the product or service and / or how it can benefit the consumer

2)     Emotive –Appeals to an emotional connection with the consumer, generally a word that can be associated with something positive and therefore subconsciously encourages the buyer to investigate the product / service

3)     Labelling – Tend to be based around the company founder / family name or around the history / origin of an organisation

4)     Distinctive – These names can consist of made up words, or unique acronyms offering a distinct and memorable connection which can be easily trademarked.

In addition to the name and logo you need to create “brand personality”. How do you want people to feel when they think of your brand?

When creating a brand personality, you first need to consider your BRAND PROMISE. This is the vow you take to your customers, employees and business associates. It is the very essence of your organisation.


A few years ago, FedEx announced its brand promise- “when it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight”— an overt promise that still resonates today. Your package will get there overnight. Guaranteed.

3 tips for creating your brand promise:

1) Make it believable and achievable

2) Convey compelling benefits

3) Most of all the promise can never be broken – always keep your brand promise

From this brand promise, your ‘positioning line’ can be born, otherwise known as a strapline, tagline or slogan. That said, it is not essential to have a positioning line, many businesses operate without one, but some of the benefits are:

a)     Differentiate from competitors

b)     Offer re-assurance to customers

c)      Quick explanation of products /service

d)     Provide an emotional hook

e)     Delivery of important information if the brand name is on the wacky side

f)       A good way to refresh your brand promise (or re-new your vows!)

g)     Enthuse your internal and external customers to “live and breathe the brand”

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