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The danger of late follow ups: A true story


I had a call yesterday.

Caller: “Hello this is <some guy> ringing from <some research company>. You recently downloaded some information from us and we wanted to ask you some customer satisfaction questions”.

Me: “Did I? When?”

Caller: “On the 1st November. You received one of our emails and clicked on a link. What did you think of that link? Was it useful?”

Me: “Er…did I? I receive scores of emails a day and click on loads of links. Which link and which email?”

Caller: “One of the article links in the email on 1st November. We can see you clicked on it”

Me: “So you are asking me to remember which link I clicked on in a random email I received over three weeks ago…and what I thought of it?”

Caller: “Yes”

Me: “No”

Caller: “No? Ok…well sorry to trouble you”

I was scratching my head over that one. The moral of the story is…telemarketing follow up is great, but make sure you do it in a timely fashion. That call should have been received by me within days of opening that email – not weeks, then I may have stood a better chance of remembering what on earth they were on about.

So, today’s pitch is this…need a survey or telemarketing follow-up done after a campaign? Well, contact us beforehand and we’ll make sure your leads are chased whilst still hot!

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