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Should cold calling be banned?

An article today on the BBC news website reports that a survey by Which? found three quarters of consumers want cold calling to be banned.

Although cold calling is not an illegal practice, many householders find cold calling is “at best a nuisance and at worst and intimidating intrusion into our lives”.

So should telemarketing be used as part of a company’s marketing strategy?

Definitely! It remains an effective way of reaching customers and prospective customers but should only be used where they have indicated they are prepared to receive such calls. Businesses who use telemarketing should regularly screen their data to ensure consumers and businesses signed up to the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) are not contacted. This is essential – contact could result in a large fine! Yes – there is a Corporate TPS too. Business can also opt out of receiving sales calls.

By telemarketing to those customers who are happy to talk by phone you will save your reputation and budget. You will more accurately target your message by only speaking with those people who want to listen.

Do your research.

Buy a targeted list. If you are a double glazing company don’t call a list of rental properties to try and sell tenants windows. Don’t try and sell landscape gardening to top floor flats.

There are other ways to improve your telemarketing activity and communicate with businesses and consumers that will benefit from your services.

Don’t use regimented scripts; they can instantly wind consumers up. Don’t use automatic diallers that result in “silent calls”. This can be extremely frightening for householders.

Also, other marketing methods can be used to support your telemarketing activity. Direct mail (again, accurately targeted and with a good offer!), internet marketing, advertising and generating a word of mouth “buzz” about your service through effective PR and branding are all tactics that should be used as part of your marketing campaigns.

To get your database TPS screened, buy targeted data lists, run a non-scripted and friendly telemarketing campaign or discuss other effective marketing campaign options then… contact us!

2 thoughts on “Should cold calling be banned?

  1. Great blog Jo and one we can all relate to.

    This article screams research and homework or the lack of it. Sadly so many companies, in particular the big boys don’t bother to see who they are calling and if the product / service is appropriate.
    The TPS sadly is not 100% and despite asking to be removed from a companies database, they just click next and disturb the next person. Listening to customers and carrying out their requests will increase the chances of them being a provider again in the future. Otherwise they will have a big black mark where the word “opportunity” used to be.

  2. As always Jo … The key to success in marketing is having a jigsaw puzzle of tactics, running along the strategy of getting new business hence the reminder of direct mail, Internet and advertising to name just 3 ways of ‘warming up the call’ before the telephone call has been made will make it easier for the caller and receiver … Sending handwritten cards after you have met someone at a networking event and then following up with a call is both elegant and professional … I’ve never had anyone refuse my call when carried out … Just an idea 🙂


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