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You’ve got mail! Email marketing for small businesses

With postage rates so high, many businesses are turning to email marketing as way to communicate with customers and prospects. However, the rules have tightened over the last few years and “spamming” customers with unsolicited email could result in your business domain becoming blacklisted and blocked.

Data lists with non-generic email addresses (such as admin@ or info@) are becoming increasingly hard to come by. So, it’s an essential part of your marketing strategy to collect, with the recipient’s permission, their email details for future marketing purposes.

People are often swamped by emails landing in their inbox. They don’t want to be receiving dull and uninteresting emails. Email marketing is about creating valuable content for the reader and getting the frequency right. Emails that they want to open and read, click through to your website to read more or even forward to a friend or colleague.

Email marketing is also about ensuring that the right people are getting the right messages from you, segmenting your data into different customer types if needs be if they need slightly different offers or content for maximum results.

Emerald Frog Marketing make sure that your data is collected in way that is compliant with the Data Protection Act and doesn’t upset the Spamhaus global email watchdog. Your users must be able to opt-in to communications from you and have the option to unsubcribe if they wish.

We can help you with all this. From sorting out your customer data, setting up your email newsletter and even managing regular e-newsletter communications if you need it. We’ll design it, write it and send it. And we’ll report back with the statistics to show how it has performed to continually tune your email marketing strategy.


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