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A helping hand, as and when you need it.

Does your business need a helping hand from marketing experts who have the expertise and knowledge to help your business grow? Perhaps you don’t have large marketing budgets but need a point in the right direction? Or an apprentice that needs a hand with implementing what they are learning on their course to be applicable with your business to increase leads.

Emerald Frog Marketing provides mentoring services specifically to help small businesses with their marketing. Here’s how we can help:

One to one consultancy sessions

If you are looking to launch your business and budgets are tight, then we can help. Or, perhaps you need some help doing your own marketing on a regular basis but you need a “sounding board” to give you a bit of a steer?

Emerald Frog Marketing can provide a consultation sessions to discuss ways you can promote your business yourself at low cost. These are available by the hour or day rate, as often or infrequently as you need them.

Getting small business’ marketing up and running is an area we know a lot about, as Emerald Frog Marketing with only a few hundred pounds invested, lots of marketing know-how and bags of determination.

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