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A picture does indeed tell a thousand words. Beautiful, well-shot photography will showcase your product or services to customers and allow them to emotionally connect with your brand. Good, strong images in your marketing materials will instill confidence in you with potential customers and ensure you stand out from your competition.

Emerald Frog Marketing provides photography to create a professional look and feel to your print and digital marketing materials. Our photography services include product photography, corporate and team images, buildings and  interiors photography and aspirational lifestyle shots that help promote your product or service.

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the key ways to advertise your brand online through increasing audience engagement via social media marketing. With Google owning YouTube, video content on your website is an important factor in Google’s rankings of websites and will help drive traffic to your website. We can not only create stunning videos, but also advise on how best to integrate this method into your online marketing strategy to build your brand. From storyboarding, filming, and post production editing, we can help.

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